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The Joy Of Making Terrariums

  • Aug 05, 2021
The Joy Of Making Terrariums

Having Terrariums around the house makes me feel more tranquil and my home seems to be more in order and peaceful. There is a simplicity and elegance about terrariums which I find to be very attractive. These bowls filled with nature appeal to our desire for caring for living things. It is this tiny little world in your apartment which you are entirely responsible for.

The concept of Terrariums came into being by an accidental discovery by Doctor Nathaniel Ward. He had sealed some mould and moth in a glass bottle. To his surprise, fern spores and grass began germinating in the case nearly a week later. This led him to the conclusion that the plants thrived in the glass jar since they were being protected from outside contaminants. Terrariums grew in popularity in Victorian London and there was a massive craze for such glass jars with plants inside them in that period. But after a while, the enthusiasm for making terrariums died down even though it is making a slow comeback in the world today.

In layman terms, a terrarium is basically just a garden inside a jar. Making a terrarium is not that hard. The real task is to look after it. One must clean the jar and prune the plants regularly. The good thing is that a Terrarium can be easily moved around so you can maintain it wherever you feel is convenient. Some terrariums are merely an elegant arrangement of mosses and stones. This fact doesn’t take away from the beauty of the terrarium. It is a hobby which is being picked up by nature lovers, especially those who are excited to showcase their green thumb to their friends and family.

You can be creative while fixing up your terrariums and the imaginative side of you is sure to be satisfied by the time you finish creating one. The fun thing of making a terrarium is that it does not require one to be an expert at gardening as you need only a little bit of gardening know-how to make one. It is not a pre-requisite to be an avid gardener to be a terrarium enthusiast.

The Color, Texture and Aesthetic Design are usually aspects I keep in mid while creating a Terrarium. Many of the Customers at our Nursery are fascinated with these beautiful arrangements and are keen to place them in their homes as it does not take much of their time to manage and care for a terrarium. Creating your own Terrarium does not require many components. A glass container, plants, soil mix and gravel are the essentials needed. An added tip I can suggest is to consider creating a layer of Activated Charcoal as it prevents moulds from growing inside the terrariums. What we are trying to do essentially while making a terrarium is create a microclimate for the plants to nurture and sustain.

Be Creative: You can be as creative as you like while designing a terrarium. You can use design elements such as cute miniatures and colored pebbles. You have the opportunity to make it as unique as you want. Seashells, Colored sand and Artificial Moss are a great way to add a little bit of character to the terrarium.

Zen: These glass containers can radiate a Zen feeling from the tiniest of corners in the house and bring a sense of clam in the rooms they are placed in.

Great for Limited Spaces: These little gardens at home can make up for not having an actual garden in your house. They can fill up the empty spaces in the tiniest of corners and make the home greener.

Fairy Gardens: If you feel like shaking things up a little, another alternative to terrariums is fairy garden. It makes for very beautiful home décor and looks very appealing as a tabletop decoration. All you need for making a Fairy Garden is a Bonsai Tray, Potting Soil, Succulents and Garden Miniatures.

Gifting: Terrariums are a popular choice for giving to loved ones on birthdays and special occasions. They make for nice return gifts as they are eco-friendly and have an aesthetic appeal to them as well. It is a great piece of Décor to have at your home. It adds elegance and beauty to the interiors of the home.

Workshops: Workshops are a great way to start off your journey of making beautiful terrariums. There are a variety of Terrariums which can be made such as Open Terrariums, Closed Terrariums, Hanging Terrariums and Dish Terrariums. Some of these may require a little bit of guidance which is why it is a good idea to start with a workshop, offline or online, to try making different kinds of terrariums.

DIY Terrarium: DIY methods for making terrariums have encouraged a lot of garden enthusiasts who don’t have a seasoned green thumb to have these tiny little gardens at their home. Terrarium Kits are a good way to start, if you don’t want to start from scratch. These have got all the required elements to make the terrarium, and thee kits can be ordered online very conveniently.

The advantages of having a terrarium far outweigh the drawbacks and it would be great to see the terrarium making a comeback today and become as popular as it was in the time of Victorian London. Among other things, they can be a popular and engaging craft activity with the kids.